Lucy Miles Barnes, photographer, with husband and two sons

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I am a true believer in romanticising life; there is magic to be found in everyday moments and it’s my passion and calling to capture it!

I live to create. It is my passion, my joy and my life’s calling. I cannot wait to tell your story.

Hi there, I’m Lucy!

A family photographer based in Kent and covering Kent and London.

I specialise in family, maternity and newborn photography.

I’m here for the candid moments, the laughs and the connection, but I’ll also gently guide you so please don’t worry if you are usually uneasy in front of the camera! I make it my mission to ensure that by the end of the session you’ll be relaxed and will have enjoyed the whole experience!

Father & Son with eyes closed, hugging on sandy beach, kent
Two brothers hugging on sandy beach, kent

Photography is the only purchase that increases in value as time passes.

Lucy Miles-Barnes Photography with husband and two sons, sandy beach kent
Brothers running holding hands on sandy beach, kent

Behind the lens, a bit about me.

I’ve had a love affair with photography for as long as I can remember. Both my Dad and my Grandad were photographers and I spent much of my childhood shadowing my dad on various photo expeditions. He developed all of his own artwork in his darkroom (any other children of old school photogs will know the wrath we’d face if we opened the darkroom door in progress; if you know, you know!) I was fascinated by the whole process.

We’d spend a huge amount of time as a family outside in nature and I still have an insatiable love for the great outdoors, being hugely inspired by the natural world in my work.

Before I turned my passion into a career, my sister and I ran a business making dog accessories which was established in 2012, I am so proud of everything we achieved together.

I married my childhood sweetheart and together we have two beautiful boys. They are my ‘why’. I first picked up my camera again properly when my first son was born, determined to capture every little detail, all the things I never wanted to forget. I then found great joy in capturing our adventures outside, I loved pouring over the images, his little face filled with wonder at this new world around him, it allowed me to see the world through his eyes and gave me a renewed and fresh vision of the magic around us. His long wild hair and dislike for clothing earned him the nickname Mowgli or Man Cub and we’ve enjoyed many adventures together.

I have so much gratitude that I’ve been able to capture his childhood, those photos are my most treasured possessions and I wanted to give other families the same.

Now our family has grown and we have another wild little boy. We also have four nieces who often feature in my work, including my miracle twin nieces who are the same age as my youngest son (my eldest coined the turn ‘triple twins’ and it stuck!)

I am a true believer in romanticising life, there is magic to be found in every day moments and it’s my passion and calling to capture it!

My vibe is relaxed and fun, I always want you and your family to have fun during your session. Your experience is truly important to me, as well as creating beautiful art together and heirlooms that will become your legacy, even when the children are grown.

Are we a good match? Let’s talk!